Coming soon poetry by B Wardlaw, Resistance to Fire. Publication date November 20, 2010.

Larry Keating. Atlanta: Race, Class and Urban Expansion. Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 2001. Buy here»

--Dana F. White, Professor of Urban Studies, Emory University: "This book is not just an historical expose on the city, but it's touted as shedding light on many issues such as corporate control of government, city politics and the Southern way of life. Keating ultimately reveals the imbalance between power and progress."


Colombian Coke Float
Killer Coke

The Campaign to Stop Killer Coke is a worldwide movement based on the efforts of thousands of volunteers. It seeks to hold The Coca-Cola Company, its bottlers and subsidiaries accountable and to end the gruesome cycle of violence including the systematic intimidation, kidnapping, torture and murder of union leaders and members of their families in efforts to crush their unions, particularly in Colombia and Guatemala.

Coke also destroys Indian and Mexican farmers whose water has ben siphoned away and destroyed their livlihood. Read Coke's crimes by country. See the excellent new film The Coca Cola Case. And, even if you like Coke best you will understand why it is so important to boycott it.


Organizations Supporting the Homeless in Atlanta

Atlanta Union for the Homeless
Concerned Black Clergy
Georgia Citizens Coalition Against Hunger
Mercies Ministries
Hosea Feed the Hungry
Cascade United Methodist Church